There are so many varieties of insurance available nowadays that it can be hard to work out what is essential, what is advised and what is just there for the Private investment Custodian insurance company to make a little extra money. Depending on your profession the insurance you need will vary and hopefully you’ll already be covered. If not, the following should help make a little clearer what insurance types are useful for your chosen career path.

Healthcare Professional Liability

For anyone who works in healthcare, from doctors and nurses to pharmaceutical workers, healthcare professional liability insurance is advised. This will protect you in the event that anything goes wrong in your line of work. Malpractice claims can be costly and time consuming affairs so being covered is a must for anyone in the profession.

Catlin Group Limited offer this type of insurance tailored to the client and no matter what the size and location, from rural health centres to large inner city hospitals.

War and Political Risk

If your business or you are operating in a country where war and political unrest are very real threats then war and political risk insurance is useful. For aid workers helping out in impoverished areas this can protect them, as well as companies whose business will be severely affected by revolution or war. This could be through business interruption with war, loss of income and damage to assets for example.


For those working in agriculture there are a range of specific insurance types to cover all areas of rural working life. Livestock insurance covers farm animals and will be measured on the number and breed of stock you have. Equine insurance is essential to protect horses, whether they are used for racing or not. Aquaculture covers everything from theft and …


Joining ebay is easy to do. This article has a look at how to join ebay, what ebay is, and why the internet is THE modern marketplace.

Every week in the news there are amazing stories of growth of online companies like google, worth $100’s of Billions, and Ebay and MySpace. But how can these companies be worth that much how? Surely that’s just all hype?

When the bubble burst, the news was full of flash in the pan internet companies worth millions one night and nothing the next, so many people still think that internet business have no sound business base. In any new industry there is always a similar pattern – a new idea is created and every man and his dog sees the opportunity and jumps on the gold rush with no more than a handful of companies eventually dominating the market.

In the case of online auctions, Ebay is and is high likely to remain the number internet auction site. Millions of items every day are put up for auction and ebay makes its income from listing fees and taking a cut of the final sale price. Whilst there are other auctions sites that have cheaper rates, ebay continues to dominate the market because it attracts the most number of buyers due to a combination of brand recognition, smart affiliate marketing, huge market share, ease of use, and good security protections in place.

Ebay is a buyers dream with just about everything available for sale (there are a few exception), and for sale at hugely discounted rates. If you have shopping to do ebay can make a limited budget go a long way. Further although a lot of second hand items are sold on ebay, its not just a place of other peoples unwanted …


Tonight, I shall attempt a feat never accomplished by one man alone. I will not only live blog my own action in the sbobet tourney. But I will also live blog the action of luckbox-in-training Wil Wheaton (of Stand By Me fame, you know). And, to really blow your mind, I’ll throw in a little American Idol, too. Who knows, if I make it deep enough, we might start talking about The Shield!

Without further ado… here it goes…

7:09pm: 58 people are entered. It’s shaping up to be a nice field. The 2-hour American Idol has started, but no one has sung yet. My dinner is about ready, so I’m going to eat. I’ll return to live-blogging when I’m finished with that. Please stand by…

7:21pm: Done eating (I eat fast). Two performances down. The first was good, but I don’t think she’ll be around for the long run. The second was just okay, but she’s a cute bubbly blonde, so she’s not in danger right now. G-Rob weighs in on girly IM thing:

G-Rob: first idol contestant good

G-Rob: second, the blond, lousy

7:23pm: 74 entrants with 7 minutes left to enter.

7:25pm: Hot twin is singing on Idol. I won’t reprint what G-Rob had to say. She’s safe for a week. Being really hot helps.

7:29pm: Tables are set. I got Wes (aka Boobie Lover) on my right. Wil gets G-Rob and Facty at his table.

7:30pm: Cards are in the air! I’m limping with A4o from the button. That’s weak. I fold to a raise on a J77 flop.

7:31pm: Wil’s playing awfully weak… hasn’t seen a flop yet. Get in the game!!

7:32pm: Wil plays a hand from the button. I’m guessing KJ and catches a K-high flop. His post flop bet takes the …


That’s when I thought security would arrive. She was on her knees, pretending to lick William Peterson’s butt. If she left any DNA behind, I would imagine the star of CSI would track her down later. Instead, he walked away without noticing. And Erica just turned to us and smiled.

As much as I would like to start in the middle, I can’t (or maybe I just did). You’re just going to have to wait. Pretend your playing poker in a casino and have to patiently fold 50 hands before you’re dealt rockets.

It started early in the morning. About 8am, Lefty and I got up, intent on finding a chair at the Mandalay Bay to enjoy the two championship games. I put on my midnight green McNabb jersey and my brother put on his black TO jersey. We were ready for some football.

I had already decided I wouldn’t bet on the Eagles. I didn’t want to jinx them and I’m extremely superstitious. I decided if I would bet on anyone, it would be the Pats. They were on a roll. But my brother was betting on Pittsburgh, I’d be rooting for slot hoki Pittsburgh, and I frankly don’t like the Pats.

I spent the entire walk to the Mandalay Bay convicing myself to bet on Pittsburgh. They were at home, had beaten New England once already, were 6 point dogs, and were 16-1 for crying out loud!!! So I had myself convinced, and threw $40 down the drain.

We hit the sports book at about 9:30am, two and a half hours before kickoff, and there wasn’t an open table to be found. We made our bets (and got our drink tickets!) and sat down to consider our options. That’s when we noticed one of the tables had …

Swollen eyes and bags in the morning? Do not worry, it’s a much more common and widespread than it might seem. But surely, even before any diseases latent defects of which could be a spy, is the aesthetic factor to bother us and lead us to discover the causes and limit, if not eliminate The disorder. Let’s start by saying that ending up with swollen eyes, maybe even red In the morning, can happen to everyone in certain situations, like after a “drunken night”, or in the presence of conjunctivitis and other eye inflammations. Even episodic Food intolerance these can cause trouble.

But we now want to focus on the problem of puffy eyes, when it represents a individual characteristic and you have to come to terms, so to speak. Let’s see what can be done to cure, hide and eventually get rid of that unsightly edema around our eyes.

Swollen Eyes: Causes

The organic causes puffy eyes are a simple water retention in the delicate tissue of the eyelids (upper and lower), which is why we formed small pockets swollen also called bags. In most cases, there are other factors that determine this predisposition If not the Crown. However, sometimes a latent condition to kidneys or heart can be, among the many side effects, even to cause a swelling in the eye. As well as a thyroid problem. Other factors that may cause this disorder are: Sounds good? Check more to learn about does my face have the golden ratio

Allergies (dust mites, dust, grass, cat hair, etc…)

Diet too rich sodium or fat


Sleep insufficient


Irritation contact lenses

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages

Are allergic to any cosmetic product

Swollen Eyes: How To Treat

To cure puffy eyes is necessary to follow some simple rules and …

A very short list of you have been invited to give us your thoughts on our new application – the Creative Database. Bug reports are welcomed, but what were more interested in your general impressions of application itself. Design, workflow, UI, etc. We can’t thank you enough for your time, and your patience while we prepare for a more official beta release.

What to expect:

We’re calling it a Beta, which is cheesy enough, but in reality, as I write this, you are looking at what would more accurately be described as Alpha software. We have a big list of bugs and known issues – Here are a few biggies:

  • Performance, we have some scripts running to catch bugs, which are slowing all things down considerably.
  • Documentation is currently non-existant.
  • Internet Explorer currently doesn’t work, but it is at the top of our list of things to address.

I hope I didn’t just scare anyone away, we’re still very happy with where we’re at. Most core features are complete, and we look forward to some feedback while we continue to get things ready for release!

Thanks Again! QBN

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First, I want to thank everyone that’s been trying the Beta! The response was a bit overwhelming, and within an hour or so we had to shut down the invites for fear of breaking the staging server.

You’ll notice that many bugs effecting the public displays have been worked out, along with the horizontal scrolling, click-for-next, etc.

Soon to come: We are currently swapping graphic libraries for better image handling (uploading & cropping). And a bunch of quirky UI things have been brought to our attention that we’ll be addressing in our next update as well.

Note: the sIFR (big flash text) was broken yesterday during an update, sorry if your profile looked weird for a few hours…

But that’s why we call it Beta – cause when you call things beta, nothing really needs to work… right? … like my beta six-pack-abs… or Jason’s beta new years resolution to drink less.

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Allow me to introduce the Krop Creative Database! We’re excited to be able to open the application up to the public today.

We are very proud to be launching our portfolio hosting platform that is completely advertisement free! Before we get into details – you’ll notice we’ve split things into two accounts – The Basic, and the Pro:

The Basic Account:
 Free, with no ads – but a 10 image limit and lacks some cool features. If your permanent portfolio is hosted elsewhere, it’s a great way to gain exposure within the creative database with a resume and a snapshot of some of your work.

The Creative Pro Account: $9.99 /mo (or $99/yr) Unrestricted image uploads, style switching, domain mapping, and a few more goodies. This account is the permanent home of your new portfolio.

We’re excited to see what everyone thinks, so please let us know. We’ll be back here with details on completed features as we roll them out over the next few days.

Thanks again for everyone that helped us beta test!

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We’ve thrown together a quick introduction to the new app. Even with screenshots and sample accounts, some of our favorite featres took too much digging to find, so we thought we’d make our own informercial demo. Enjoy!

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As we expected (and you can probably relate with) the two weeks immediately following releasing a new web application like the CDB are filled with a few surprises. Bug fixes, IE problems, questions that need answers, IE problems, etc.. We’d hoped to be showing off a few cool new features by now, but that wasn’t in the cards.

The good news is that the roar of the bug report hotline has turned to a whisper, and we can now shift focus back to pushing new features, and launching Krop 2 – code name “Washington” (ok, i just made that up – although if you ever do call us and ask to discuss “the Washington project” we’ll probably take you very seriously regardless).

Thousands of you have created profiles, and we can’t believe the level of talent that is emerging. We are truly humbled that so many of you have allowed our application to host your work.

Here are a few favorites that we couldn’t wait to share:

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