Tonight, I shall attempt a feat never accomplished by one man alone. I will not only live blog my own action in the sbobet tourney. But I will also live blog the action of luckbox-in-training Wil Wheaton (of Stand By Me fame, you know). And, to really blow your mind, I’ll throw in a little American Idol, too. Who knows, if I make it deep enough, we might start talking about The Shield!

Without further ado… here it goes…

7:09pm: 58 people are entered. It’s shaping up to be a nice field. The 2-hour American Idol has started, but no one has sung yet. My dinner is about ready, so I’m going to eat. I’ll return to live-blogging when I’m finished with that. Please stand by…

7:21pm: Done eating (I eat fast). Two performances down. The first was good, but I don’t think she’ll be around for the long run. The second was just okay, but she’s a cute bubbly blonde, so she’s not in danger right now. G-Rob weighs in on girly IM thing:

G-Rob: first idol contestant good

G-Rob: second, the blond, lousy

7:23pm: 74 entrants with 7 minutes left to enter.

7:25pm: Hot twin is singing on Idol. I won’t reprint what G-Rob had to say. She’s safe for a week. Being really hot helps.

7:29pm: Tables are set. I got Wes (aka Boobie Lover) on my right. Wil gets G-Rob and Facty at his table.

7:30pm: Cards are in the air! I’m limping with A4o from the button. That’s weak. I fold to a raise on a J77 flop.

7:31pm: Wil’s playing awfully weak… hasn’t seen a flop yet. Get in the game!!

7:32pm: Wil plays a hand from the button. I’m guessing KJ and catches a K-high flop. His post flop bet takes the pot.

7:35pm: I raise to 3xBB with KTs and Wes calls right behind me. Ugh. Two more callers but the flop is TT8. Yee haw! I check raise from 100 to 450. They fold. T1870.

7:37pm: Latest American Idol singer continues the uninspiring string. BG weighs in with a comment on the relative attractiveness of 6-foot 17-year old American Idol contestants. I will not repeat it.

7:39pm: Wil does a resteal and gets called by the SB. Uh oh. SB leads out on a 975 flop. And wil lays it down. I’m guessing he wanted to win that preflop. His opponent shows AJo. I’m guessing that was a better hand than wil had. T1280 for Mr. Wheaton. (wil comments: I had a smaller ace there. grrr)

7:41pm: The daughter of a famous singer is up now on AI. G-Rob says she’s the best of the bunch. She’s singing Midnight Train to Georgia. It’s pretty good, she’s got some performer in her, that’s for sure.

7:44pm: G-Rob busts out at wil’s table 99 vs. AA. Wil undeclares war on G-Rob. Now G-Rob can focus on American Idol.

7:46pm: Haven’t seen a playable hand since that KT. Kinda card dead here.

7:48pm: wil re-raises from late position and gets called. Flop comes down A-high and his opponent bets less than half the pot. wil folds his QQ or KK.

7:49pm: I have KTs again and I raise preflop. Only Obie calls. Flop is Q9x. I bet out 3/4 pot and Obie folds. T1920 for me, T925 for wil.

7:52pm: Opera girl is singing. BG thinks she’s the lost Gilmore Girl (not that I’ve ever heard of that show… of course). Oh, missed it, but wil won a little pot to get back to T1030. This girl is terrible… missing all the notes.

7:53pm: wil is moved to my table, that makes things easier.

7:54pm: wil drops the suited JackHammer in my honor and takes a nice pot post-flop. Nice one, man!

7:55pm: Simon breaks out his first “complete and utter mess.” This Gilmore Girl is done for.

7:57pm: Wes limps from the SB and wil raises to 3xBB. Wes re-raises and wil calls. Flop is K99 and Wes bets 3/4 pot. I don’t think wil hit this. He folds. Wes shows 87… wil says he had AJ. Ouch.

7:59pm: There’s an all in at my table 99 vs. QQ and guess what comes on the turn? That’s right. That’s what happens when there’s a luckbox at your table.

8:01pm: Blinds are up to 25/50 and I’ve played just two hands, KTs… both times. I’d love to see a hand here or there.

8:02pm: AI’s first diva takes the stage. This bitch won’t last 4 weeks. She’s singing Stevie Wonder. Real weak start… not sure it’s gotten better. Probably alive this week, but not much longer.

8:04pm: wil is out. He put all his chips in the middle with an under-pair and an open-ended straight draw. He got called by AJ which caught an Ace on the river. Rough way to go. The guy called with 2-overs and an open-ended straight draw. Wil was 66% on the flop and 84% on the turn.

8:06pm: I have KTs again and I raise again. I get one caller and the flop is 9-high. I bet out at it and he folds. I’m at T2235.

8:09pm: I raise with A9s. Flop misses me and this time I check. I know Wes is expecting the continuation bet. Board comes no where near me and I don’t waste any chips. Wes bets the river. I fold.

8:12pm: I get to check my 95o in the BB and the flop comes down AK5. I lead out with a pot-sized bet and they fold. T2135.

8:13pm: I raise to T250 with KJs and Wes comes over the top all-in. Jackass. Probably has the HAMMER. I fold.

8:14pm: Another blonde on AI. When is someone gonna break out a good performance? Great rack… not much of a voice.

8:15pm: Dammit. Lost a chunk of chips when some guy with 87 caught his third 7 on the river. I guess I could have played that better. T1535.

8:18pm: KK vs. KK at my table but flop is all clubs! Thankfully it stays a chop. That’d be a brutal way to go.

8:20pm: I’m not sure I’ve ever gone so long in a tourney with no pocket pairs and no Ace higher than a nine. Ugly, ugly cards. Thank goodness for KTs.

8:23pm: I call a min-raise from the BB with T7o and miss. I hate laying down the BB to a min-raise.

8:24pm: BG’s favorite Melissa McGhee is up. She’s a 21-year old from Florida… and quite curvy. Um… wow she looked good in Hollywood. It’s a shame she didn’t wear something that better accentuated her assets!

8:25pm: KJo wins the blinds.

8:27pm: Ooooooh… AKs!!! And I win just the blinds. Dammit.

8:30pm: I’m hoping we get a good AI performance here. Been awhile. And it’s break time at the WWdN. I’m mired at T1285. Moving time after the break, that’s for sure! I’m no expert at singing… but it feels like she’s missing notes. Maybe not. Really strong finish, that always helps.

8:36pm: And I’m out. First hand after the break and I saw my first pocket pair. I’m in the BB and Wes raises to 3x. Some guy I don’t know smooth calls, so I know he has a hand. I hope my all in (3x their bet) is enough to get them to lay it down. It’s not and I’m called by AKo. K on the flop. A on the turn. K on the river. 47th place. It’s frustrating not seeing cards. Oh well.

Live-blog over! I hope you enjoyed it.

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