Allow me to introduce the Krop Creative Database! We’re excited to be able to open the application up to the public today.

We are very proud to be launching our portfolio hosting platform that is completely advertisement free! Before we get into details – you’ll notice we’ve split things into two accounts – The Basic, and the Pro:

The Basic Account:
 Free, with no ads – but a 10 image limit and lacks some cool features. If your permanent portfolio is hosted elsewhere, it’s a great way to gain exposure within the creative database with a resume and a snapshot of some of your work.

The Creative Pro Account: $9.99 /mo (or $99/yr) Unrestricted image uploads, style switching, domain mapping, and a few more goodies. This account is the permanent home of your new portfolio.

We’re excited to see what everyone thinks, so please let us know. We’ll be back here with details on completed features as we roll them out over the next few days.

Thanks again for everyone that helped us beta test!

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