Absolute Poker is a popular online casino poker gambling site that is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and runs out of Canada. Also, the company is now owned by Tokwiro Enterprises and has run into several major problems in the past year regarding a huge cheating scandal that rocked the international online casinos industry. Although the current ownership of Absolute Poker is well known and not up for debate, the reliable and respected Gambling 911 news portal released information this week that calls into question who exactly founded and funded Absolute Poker in its early stages. Additionally, the portal claimed that not only was Phil Tom an initial investor for the site but that he had a sealed indictment in the United States for a period of time.

There was no precise information in the Gambling 911 article to indicate what exactly Tom might have been indicted for, but perhaps the site was implying charges related to the online casino gambling industry? Tom was outraged by the report and is considering legal action against Gambling 911 because of the false speculation. Tom claims that the most outrageous part of the article were the claims about a sealed U.S. indictment and he noted, I don’t know what I’d be indicted for! How do they know what’s in the supposed indictment? It’s sealed!” Apparently, the speculation and rumors about Tom’s indictment have gotten out to his clients and has the potential to seriously hurt his business as a portfolio manager.


Tom cleared the air and voiced his bola88 side of the story with the Poker Daily News and according to claims directly from Tom, he has no direct interests in the online casino poker gambling site Absolute Poker, nor did found and fund the launch of the site – he “vehemently” denied those accusations.


A few words about roulette


In roulette there are a lot of different money management systems. And every a little bit lucky gamer always says that his own system is the best. But it is not always so. In roulette there are no guarantees. Trying to find a good money management system is the same as trying to find the perpetual motion. It does not matter – do you use any system or not. Your expected loss is always about 2.703% of total wagered money (at French roulette) in a long playing time.


In conclusion let me remind you one anecdote. One student asked Albert Einstein, did he know any roulette system, which ensures 100% win. The answer was “Yes. To steal chips from the table when nobody sees it”.




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