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Although Inter are again the runnaway leaders in Italy, the fans are fondly remembering José Mourinho’s predecessor Roberto Mancini. At the same level of success, he has a far more pleasant personality.


Last summer Mancini was removed from the bench by president Massimo Moratti despite winning seven trophies in four years. Mourinho was brought in order to take Inter to international glory, but the hopes lasted just until the visit to Old Trafford in the Champions League round of 16.


After Mancini and Moratti met last week, the Italian Toto Hk press started to speculate on a new personnel change in Inter’s coaching staff, but the old coach denied his return was among the topics of the conversation.

“Moratti and I met for completely different reasons. I don’t believe Inter currently needs a new coach, although if I were to be recalled I would have to accept since I still have three years’ contract with the club,” explained Mancini, who claims to have forgiven his boss for replacing him for no valid reason.

“I am pround of one thing, of having been the coach who put Inter back on the winning track, and I am grateful to Moratti for having enabled me that.”

A seven-figure annual salary for not doing any work may also have helped Mancini to forget the old grudge.



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