There is another online poker cheating story looming on the web and it makes me wonder about gullibility and stupidity. You see people cheat, I hope that doesn’t shock you.

Now the Absolute QQWIN99 cheating scandal from a few weeks ago was a prime example of dumb cheating. How the hell did those dumbasses think they were going to get away with such obvious cheating at a final table watched by hundreds? Yes, I know some have said that it was a slipped email that gave the game away but really have you seen those hands from the final table; did anyone need more information? Dumb Cheaters.

But it gets worse. Apparently over at Full Tilt a big tournament was won ($197,000 prize) when one player let another play his account. To be accurate they both played the account, it was a tag-team victory. So how did they get caught? Well there are two options:

First, we could believe that the site actually checked the IP log-ins on the account and found that the winner was playing first from Brussels and then from Chicago. If that was the case then Dumb Cheaters! At least be in the same location and use the same computer if you are going to share.

Second possibility; they told others they had cheated. What you say Dumb Cheaters? Yes, and in fact, several poker forums are abuzz with exactly this scenario. One player took over the account of another player during the tournament and after they won the event—they emailed other poker buddies to brag about the win. Damn Dumb Cheaters!!!

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