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Recently, there was a simple, yet interesting question posed on RGP… Why do people fail at going pro?


Several people jumped into the conversation. According to the posts, the concensus answer seemed to be “they just aren’t good enough”.


It has been said that less than 10% of all poker players are winning over the long haul. In most cases, the reason is because the player is simply not good enough to win, but there are other factors involved as well. Let’s take a look at some.




The life of a casino en ligne francais poker “pro” requires a lot of dicipline. Gone are the days of sick leave and paid vacations. Also gone are medical and retirement plans. You must deal with all of these things yourself. Although this one may be hard to believe, but the absence of a “boss” is also difficult to overcome for many people. Some are so used to having a boss lean on them that they are lost without the “pressure”… lacking self-motivation. And let’s not forget about the free alcohol that is available in most card rooms. This can be a big problem for some!


The Swings


Most wannabe pros think that they are ready to go once they have put together a sufficiant bankroll – this is not the case at all! Sure, a bankroll is important, but let’s not forget abou rent, food, clothing, and other bills. Many successful poker players say that you shouldn’t even try to start playing for a living until you have at least six months of living expenses saved up. This way, if after three months or so you see yourself failing at your venture, you still have three months to figure out what you are …