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For those of you without Internet newsgroup access, RecPoker has converted several poker-related newsgroups into a format viewable from your web browser. The primary one is, which has well over a half million responses in over 130,000 topics. Membership is free, and if I’ve understood correctly, you can use the interface at RecPoker as if you were on the newsgroup.


And if you can’t get enough poker reading when you’re offline, you can download the Plucker-formatted FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to your PalmOS-based PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or smartphone. Then use the Plucker Viewer on your device to view the FAQ file. Plucker is an OpenSource format currently intended only for PalmOS devices. However, the supplementary Plucker tools do work on MS-Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux desktops/laptops.


Finally, if you want to enjoy your favorite poker blogs offline, on your PalmOS-based PDAs/smartphones, you can use the Plucker Desktop (MS-Win, Mac OS X, Linux) to download mobile editions of websites, which you can offload to your PDA. To do the same for web feeds, use the Sunrise Desktop, which is part of another project. Sunrise converts webfeeds to Plucker format. Here’s a synopsis about Plucker and Sunrise.


Utter Boredom… uh… Ultimate Blackjack Tournament


I’m watching the first UBT (Ultimate Blackjack Tournament) show – or at least the first I’ve seen – and my only question is WTF? Why bother? There’s no skill whatsover involved in this, no matter what hokum the deep-voice announcer tells you. While I loved playing Blackjack with my brother when we were kids, I can’t imagine wanting to watch more than one episode of this utterly stupid, boring game. And I imagine the producers realized this and thus loaded up on the eye candy – women in …