LONDON, UK — Spin Palace Online Casino ( today announced its launch to the UK market, with games now playable in British Pounds Sterling. UK gamers will now be able to play all 48 games at Spin Palace, including Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Slots and the web’s first Progressive Million dollar slot machine, in their national currency. With the UK online gambling market set to top £100 million in 2002, this move will save UK gaming enthusiasts the trouble of conversion from US dollars in the US-dominated market of online casinos.

“I am thrilled that I will finally be able to play on Spin Palace without my calculator by my side to figure out how much I am betting. Having pounds to gamble with will make Spin Palace even better!” enthused Emma G from London.

As an added bonus, Spin Palace is giving away £75 in gambling chips to all new UK players.

Spin Palace is an online oasis for the gaming enthusiast and first-time gamer alike who enjoy playing in the comfort and privacy of their home. For first-time gamers who would like to simply try their luck without playing with cash, there are Free play games, which can be played both through the downloadable casino as well as the instant Flash-based games.

Craps Round-up

In your average land casino Craps is the game where all the Type-A personalities circle round, make a lot of noise and seem to be having a really good time.

On the internet however good Craps action is a little harder to find. Sure, most casinos offer a version of the game but there’s more to Craps than just felt and dice, virtual or otherwise.

As we’ve discussed in earlier articles the smart plays in Craps are the Pass/Come (house edge of 1.41%) and Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bets (1.40%). Even better are the secondary table Odds bets that most games allow you to make. See How To Play Craps and Craps: A Strategy For Winning for more details. Odds bets cover the map, everything from 1x to 100x, but the math behind it is real simple: the bigger the Odds the lower the house’s advantage. Your average internet casino will give you 2x and 3x Odds. Those yield house advantages of 0.61% and 0.47% respectively. FYI, a table with 10x Odds shaves the house edge to 0.18%, 20x Odds give 0.1%, and 100x Odds –the Holy Grail for Crapshooters everywhere– reduce the edge to virtually zero (in fact a miniscule 0.02%).

Great! So where can we get the good Odds online? Let me put it this way: scarce baby, scarce. In a little impromptu survey the best Odds I could find were at Sandia Casino which offers 5x Odds (house edge 0.32%).

The next best thing to good Pragmatic Odds in Craps is good information and here the internet has more to offer. Let’s look a few of the best Craps portals. is the pet project of webmaster Kevin Hobbs and it’s a great place to start. He explains the Craps table, shows you the many Craps bets available and the house advantage of each, and provides a Glossary to shed a little light on all that obscure Craps terminology. There’s also a play-for-free version of the game here called Casino Craps. has one of the best descriptions of the Craps Table that I’ve ever seen: he uses images of the table itself to break the bets down and show you what your options are. There’s also an unusual section on Craps Systems where he offers exceptionally lucid advice on an often difficult subject.

Quite possibly the mother of all Craps portals has so much material that it’s got a three-tiered subscription structure. Fortunately the first level is Free. Between it’s newsletter, message board forums, Craps Lingo dictionary, Strategies, Q&A; and online Win/Loss tracking this site is a one-stop Craps education.

For those of you not inclined to shell out for a subscription at NextShooter you can find many of their newsletter articles reprinted at under the “Strategy and Techniques” dropdown menu. While you’re there have a look at the Crapshooter section for a variety of Craps articles and reference material.



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