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The invention of the first mechanical slot machines (slot machines) referred to in 1895. Their founder, Charles Fei has become, auto from San Francisco, Bavarian immigrant. His first slot machine has received loud and memorable name «bell of freedom» (Liberty Bell). It consisted of three permanent rotating drums with images on their wheels peaks, the stars, Horseshoe, diamonds, bells and worms. When a party game beat at the same time, three bells, he won the jackpot of at the time, 50 cents.


Slot machine Charles Fairy enjoyed such popularity that in his small shop was not otboya from customers and the author of «miracle bell» failing to produce new models. After twelve years after the invention «The bells of freedom» in Chicago began producing similar to the construction of Fairy slot machines, only more elegant and compact. Barabanov were still three, but the new machines have ten additional characters located at each wheel.


The invention Pita and Sitmena

At the end of the XIX century in virtually every bar in New York a new slot machine, which was established in 1891, residents of Brooklyn and Pitom Sitmenom. She became heir to the former slot machines, but have significant differences. Modified invention consisted of five drums, which was located 50 cards – it offered the player a better chance of winning than in a casino where the card 52. Since that time, was not accepted single fixed payment system, the slot machine was used only as popular entertainment. Wins receives a cigarette or a free drink for the Royal Flush.


Once in 1909 in San Francisco, and a year later and in Nevada have banned all Togel Online machines, slot machines and their fans had to go into the shadows. Soon, in 1911 a ban on slot machines has been distributed to the entire state, starting with California. At that time, the fight against gambling in the United States has become very popular: many politicians proudly photographed himself, destroying the juke box. But it is not passed, and twenty years, as slot machines have returned to double the number of the most famous casinos of Las Vegas – Nevada authorities to restore the machines in 1930.


Around the same time slot machines took the form, which is known to us now. Vending machines were «awarded» fairly solid handle, pulling for which the player began roller and the game. Speaking of slot machines beginning of XX century, it is noteworthy that they were not deprived of drawbacks: they are quite easily could disappoint, besides their work is accompanied by constant breakdowns.


The advent of electronic and video slot machines

In the mid 60-ies of the twentieth century, the first electronic slot machines. Are more reliable than their predecessors, they have enabled the casino to apply new algorithms for issuing results, it has led to better change the maximum amount of winning and jackpot. In 1975, in Las Vegas, the first video slot machines (video slot machines) that are not parties to immediately liked the game: in the video slot has not been seen for the usual players rolling drums. That is why the video slot machines were not popular until 1980 – at that time was a successful use of video poker.


Recent innovations in the world of gaming machines were on line slots (on-line slot machines) that allow jackpot frustrate, not away from your computer, as well as video slot machines that allow players to place bets on one or multiple lines.




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