Swollen eyes and bags in the morning? Do not worry, it’s a much more common and widespread than it might seem. But surely, even before any diseases latent defects of which could be a spy, is the aesthetic factor to bother us and lead us to discover the causes and limit, if not eliminate The disorder. Let’s start by saying that ending up with swollen eyes, maybe even red In the morning, can happen to everyone in certain situations, like after a “drunken night”, or in the presence of conjunctivitis and other eye inflammations. Even episodic Food intolerance these can cause trouble.

But we now want to focus on the problem of puffy eyes, when it represents a individual characteristic and you have to come to terms, so to speak. Let’s see what can be done to cure, hide and eventually get rid of that unsightly edema around our eyes.

Swollen Eyes: Causes

The organic causes puffy eyes are a simple water retention in the delicate tissue of the eyelids (upper and lower), which is why we formed small pockets swollen also called bags. In most cases, there are other factors that determine this predisposition If not the Crown. However, sometimes a latent condition to kidneys or heart can be, among the many side effects, even to cause a swelling in the eye. As well as a thyroid problem. Other factors that may cause this disorder are: Sounds good? Check more to learn about does my face have the golden ratio

Allergies (dust mites, dust, grass, cat hair, etc…)

Diet too rich sodium or fat


Sleep insufficient


Irritation contact lenses

Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages

Are allergic to any cosmetic product

Swollen Eyes: How To Treat

To cure puffy eyes is necessary to follow some simple rules and food hygienic which, if not will disappear entirely imperfection, would help to alleviate. Let’s see:

Sleep enough in a comfortable bed, and try to do this by holding his head a little ‘raised above the rest of the body (with the help of a nice pillow top, for example)

Reduce the amount of salt in the daily diet, for example by eliminating meats and cheeses or canned, especially during dinner

Drink 2 liters water (Or non-carbonated soft drinks!) Per day

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables Including banana, fennel, melon and blueberries

Remove contact lenses before sleep and, if possible, choose those with a high percentage of water daily

Avoid smoke

Avoid drinking coffee night

Swollen Eyes: Natural Remedies And Cosmetics

We come to Natural Remedies and cosmetic strategies of “coverage” of the fault to try to morning. Some are real classics:

1 potato slice to keep eyes on at least half an hour

1 slice cucumber cold to keep eyes on at least 15 minutes

A teaspoon pulled out of the freezer (lasciatecelo the night before) and pressed on the eye with the concave

2 bags of tea (preferably green) let infusion to cool, to keep eyes on for about ten minutes

Albumen of an egg whipped on the eyes and letting it dry out, followed by a rinse

2 ice cubes on hand, but not directly between the skin using a gauze and ice

Balls cotton squeezed with cold milk by dab on the eye

Small and delicate drainage massage around the eyes

We come to makeup. Meanwhile, make sure that the products you use are completely non-allergenic. To camouflage the bags you use a corrector slightly lighter than the foundation, by very gently tapping around the eye. It’s after drying with powder, passed to the application of blush to emphasize the color of the knob of the cheek and cheekbone. In this way, with the light and shade, you will notice much less swelling!


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