As we expected (and you can probably relate with) the two weeks immediately following releasing a new web application like the CDB are filled with a few surprises. Bug fixes, IE problems, questions that need answers, IE problems, etc.. We’d hoped to be showing off a few cool new features by now, but that wasn’t in the cards.

The good news is that the roar of the bug report hotline has turned to a whisper, and we can now shift focus back to pushing new features, and launching Krop 2 – code name “Washington” (ok, i just made that up – although if you ever do call us and ask to discuss “the Washington project” we’ll probably take you very seriously regardless).

Thousands of you have created profiles, and we can’t believe the level of talent that is emerging. We are truly humbled that so many of you have allowed our application to host your work.

Here are a few favorites that we couldn’t wait to share:

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