Joining ebay is easy to do. This article has a look at how to join ebay, what ebay is, and why the internet is THE modern marketplace.

Every week in the news there are amazing stories of growth of online companies like google, worth $100’s of Billions, and Ebay and MySpace. But how can these companies be worth that much how? Surely that’s just all hype?

When the bubble burst, the news was full of flash in the pan internet companies worth millions one night and nothing the next, so many people still think that internet business have no sound business base. In any new industry there is always a similar pattern – a new idea is created and every man and his dog sees the opportunity and jumps on the gold rush with no more than a handful of companies eventually dominating the market.

In the case of online auctions, Ebay is and is high likely to remain the number internet auction site. Millions of items every day are put up for auction and ebay makes its income from listing fees and taking a cut of the final sale price. Whilst there are other auctions sites that have cheaper rates, ebay continues to dominate the market because it attracts the most number of buyers due to a combination of brand recognition, smart affiliate marketing, huge market share, ease of use, and good security protections in place.

Ebay is a buyers dream with just about everything available for sale (there are a few exception), and for sale at hugely discounted rates. If you have shopping to do ebay can make a limited budget go a long way. Further although a lot of second hand items are sold on ebay, its not just a place of other peoples unwanted junk, a huge quantity of the items for sale are brand new and often better than the shops. Unlike your local shop, clothes for example are still fresh in the original plastic wrapper straight from the factory, not tried on or handled by hundred of potential shoppers with a variety of hygiene levels as is the case in a retail store.

Joining ebay just requires clicking on a link to ebay. Click on a banner you trust as some criminals have set up copy cat ebay sites. Click on the banner which takes you straight to ebay and a sign up page, I’ve provided some links below. Here you will need to come up with a user name and a password. Make sure your username is something you are happy with as it will be your name on ebay. I don’t recommed you se your real name and keep your password safe.

An important concept on ebay is your rating. People can leave a positive or negative comment about their dealings with you. This is a reflection on your character and your behavior on ebay. Fail to go through with a winning auction bid, give a false description of a product, fail to deliver a product and you can expect a negative rating. Good transactions result in positive ratings. Of course though although most fellow ebayers are nice you get the one customer that you can’t please no matter what you do, that’s just life, very few people on ebay keep a 100% rating and this would be unrealistic to expect given human nature. To quickly build a rating in a day you can buy ebooks and the like which you can get cheaply, sometimes for as little as 1 cent. Buying some of these items can quickly and cheaply raise your rating to a level where others are more likely to be happy to do business with you. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact  Translation Company UK

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