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Translation is a serious problem and not simple. For the translation we are dealing with the problem of language. The language we translate is not our mother tongue so we must find the deference between two language before translating

  1. Grammar is very important and it play the role of 50% the success in translating

It is the same with we build a house, no drawing we can do. Translation is the same. Grammar is the root of document and we can explore it when we know the root.

  1. Know the style of document (30%)

Each document has its own style as well as each author also has his own style. We translate, we must know and understand

  1. Experience, knowledge, knowledge about specific propose (20% remain)

Each person  has a field of their skills directly related to work, so often learn new knowledge about their subjects so as to meet the situation, we are solved very easily for the field we concern about.




Translation is a conversation or anything else from one language into a second language without affecting or distorting the original content. More about Translation Agencies UK


In modern times, social development and relentless competition, translation has gradually become an indispensable tool and set the path for the global success of not only single individuals, but organizations and businesses


Customer is the king. In an effort to serve their customers better and understand the feelings, aspirations, desires and needs of customers better, the business is on track finding and declaration service providers text translation and other translation services. World becomes increasingly flat as ever, and competition is becoming fierce as ever.Therefore translators faced with demanding and rigorous than to convey accurate, clear and complete messages to customers, to partners and with staff


In general, all fields are required interpretation services and translation because globalization is inevitable in modern society. The legal profession to the interpreter translated the menu from the proposals, the recording process of trial and trial.The regulators need the law, legal records, reports, general announcement must be translated into another language


In the health sector also need to have the interpreters, translators do the translation medical records, medical records of patients and medical patients. For multimedia communications, finance or insurance, translation is a huge benefit and no estimate of the services to do business and international trade


Besides, cultural networks become increasingly popular with everyone, many companies, organizations and businesses also set the presence for the brand, products and services on the Internet . Demand for translation of documents and publications on corporate and business community to release on the open Internet is a necessary objective. The demand for translators and translation so progressive.


Once society is growing more, the old border was almost eliminated, and the language barrier will no longer be obstacles in the initial trade cooperation issues as before. Moreover, the recordings, conversations and surveys, or internal company meetings or meet partners are subject to the interpretation of all


On the other hand, not only the enterprises, but also institutions needs to translate. Language plays a leading role in any decision in any relationship so translation services have now become familiar and necessary for almost all sectors, including the single individual. For example such immigrants, the problem would translate very important for them to want to learn and become familiar with the legislation or the rule of law in a foreign country that they decided live.


With the huge benefits, translation industry is gradually affirmed its position , role and being recognized by the world on the path of globalization. But the sad thing is that many translation companies have broken the purpose of providing such services – the exact translation to bridge the gap between the two languages ​​together.


Choosing a translation services are essential for fame and name of the company as well as his own personal. The interpreter practice should be equipped with adequate knowledge needed in both languages, including the understanding and clarity of context, grammar rules, the text as well as the terminology subjects or idioms, proverbs generally


With the demand for translation increased in this modern era, the general language and translation services in particular has contributed a lot and help for businesses and for individuals to improve their competitiveness



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