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When one imagines casino gaming, there are likely a few things that come to mind, whether it’s James Bond outwitting an opponent at the baccarat table, the flourish of the roulette wheel as players rush to place their bets, or the rollercoaster ride of emotions that can come from playing a single hand of blackjack. Yet, while all of these games are sure to get your blood pumping, there’s little denying that few games can equal the sheer excitement found around a craps table. Though the game remains one of the most popular fixtures in online and brick-and-mortar casinos, most casual gamers remain uncertain of just how the game actually works. Fortunately, we here at Titan Casino are here to help you by providing this simple guide on how to play online craps and win big.


What is Craps?

For those who are unfamiliar with how to play craps online, it is a high-intensity dice game which allows both the thrower and the spectators to slots betting online and gamble on the outcome of the toss. While some variations will have players wagering against each other, most versions played in live and online casinos invite gamers to bet against the house, making craps one of the more collaborative games at the casino. Originally known as crapaud, the game sees one player, known as the shooter, throwing two dice across the gaming table.


The table itself is inlaid with designs similar to that of a roulette table, which allows players to place bets on a number of possible outcomes of the roll, including “prop bets” on precisely what combination of values will be present on the dice at the end of the round. These options will vary from casino to casino, and will likely be monitored by the dealers, who facilitate the financial transactions of the game. In live games there will typically also be a “stick man” who pushes the pace of the game, quite literally, using a long stick that allows him/her to quickly return dice to the shooter from the center of the table.


How Do I Bet?

As you learn how to play craps, you’ll find that it’s a fast-paced game in which you’ll be betting often. The action begins when the shooter places their bet prior to the “come-out” roll, or first roll of the dice. The shooter will place their money on the pass line, and, at this point, gamers can place pass line bets as well. You can either wager on pass, where you will share the fate of the shooter, or don’t pass, where you bet against their success. These are the most common wagers made at most craps tables because they only grant the house a 1.41 percent advantage over the player, making it one of the safer bets in any casino. It is important to keep your eye on the dealers, however, as they will be holding a large disc that says “off” on one side and “on” on the other, and you can only make pass line bets when the off side is showing.


By placing a wager on the pass line, players are effectively siding with the shooter, and they will share in the shooter’s victory or defeat. A roll of 7 or 11 (combined value between the two dice) is an instant winner and will pay out differently depending on the casino or gaming house. Conversely, rolling a 2,3 or 12 is considered “craps” and results in losses around the table. In the event that the shooter’s first throw hits any other number that establishes the “point,” something that sets off yet another round of betting.


What is Point Play?

When a shooter fails to score or crap out during the come out roll, the total of their device becomes the point. All previously met pass line bets will remain in play, and the dealer will now take the disc and place it on the number that has been established as the point. Should the shooter successfully hit that number with their next roll, all players with bets on the pass line would win even money and the shooter will start again with a new come out roll. If the shooter should roll a 7, however, all players will lose, the shooter will “seven out” and a new player will take the dice. Failure to hit the point requires the shooter to roll again.


Much like the pass and don’t pass bets, players can wager on whether they think the shooter will win or lose the upcoming toss by placing their chips on “come” or “don’t come” respectively.


What is an Odds Bet?

Now that you’ve got the basics down, we can examine odds bets. Odds bets can be made when a point has been established and you’ve already bet on the pass line. They can pay out substantially depending on what the point actually is, as players are effectively betting on the odds that a player will hit their point. These bets payout due to true odds, so the rarer the outcome, the more winnings you can expect from a successful bet. For example, let’s say the point is 8. There are 5 combinations of dice that equal 8. Conversely if the point is 4, there are only 3 combinations that will give you a winning roll. As such, the 4 would yield a higher payout than the 8 due to its relative scarcity.


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