First, I want to thank everyone that’s been trying the Beta! The response was a bit overwhelming, and within an hour or so we had to shut down the invites for fear of breaking the staging server.

You’ll notice that many bugs effecting the public displays have been worked out, along with the horizontal scrolling, click-for-next, etc.

Soon to come: We are currently swapping graphic libraries for better image handling (uploading & cropping). And a bunch of quirky UI things have been brought to our attention that we’ll be addressing in our next update as well.

Note: the sIFR (big flash text) was broken yesterday during an update, sorry if your profile looked weird for a few hours…

But that’s why we call it Beta – cause when you call things beta, nothing really needs to work… right? … like my beta six-pack-abs… or Jason’s beta new years resolution to drink less.

Share and Enjoy !

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